Booking Terms & Conditions.

By booking a charter with Fishfinder Pty Ltd , YOU ( the client ) and all participants in your booking ( i.e. EXCLUSIVE GROUP or SMALL GROUPS of individual booking ) are deemed to have fully read, understood and agreed upon the terms and conditions in this document (or below). YOU also acknowledge that the warning constitutes a risk warning under the Civil Liabilities Act, 2002(Hyperlink). YOU also acknowledge that the risk warning has not been contradicted by any representation made by or on behalf of Fishfinder Pty Ltd.

Fishfinder Pty Ltd. (and solely this company) reserves the right to review and alter these terms, conditions and prices at any time, without prior notice.

The BOOKING organiser (i.e. the person responsible for booking & paying the initial deposit) is responsible to dispense a copy of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS to ALL members of their vested party.

Booking Confirmation Process

All bookings must be confirmed prior to the Charter in order for it to proceed.

For a booking to be deemed confirmed. A confirmation email or text will be sent from Fishfinder Pty Ltd.

(**Please Note** Phone and email enquiries from clients, shouldn’t be considered as a confirmed booking.)

Cancellation / Reschedule / No Show

Cancellation/Rescheduling BY YOU (i.e. clients)

Cancellations and Re scheduling requests must be made within the following timeframes to avoid incurring fees (and forfeiture of payments).

  • INDIVIDUAL / SMALL GROUP BOOKINGS require a minimum of 7 days’ notice prior to charter date
  • EXCLUSIVE CHARTER BOOKINGS require a minimum of 7 days’ notice prior to charter date to guarantee refund in full, ONLY if Fishfinder Pty Ltd can rebook the boat.

In the case where cancellations DO NOT meet the above guidelines, we reserve the right to refuse refund (100% of charter cost may be charged, at our discretion.

We have a strict no-show/no refund policy!!!

You’re advised to arrive 15min earlier than the departure time, we’ll attempt to contact you if you’re not at the wharf but if you miss the boat – you’ll be charged 100% of the charter costs (no refund will be provided)

Please Understand , many public wharfs have a maximum 15 minute loading time, therefore, if you, or a member of your GROUP, do not board the vessel at the arranged time, we cannot hold up the fishing charter , and will have depart without you.

Cancellations Reschedule refunds by Fishfinder Pty Ltd

Customer Service and safety is prime importance to us therefore charters will only operate under safe and acceptable weather conditions. Bad weather is inclusive of few factors, and by no means restricted to high SWELL and WIND, and not inclusive of RAIN, COLD, or NO SUN.

Although we aim to give minimum 24 hour notice prior to cancellation of a charter, we reserve the right to cancel charters, right up until the intended departure time. Due to the weather dependent nature of the business NO liability or responsibility is accepted for inconvenience or last minute change of charter plans by Fishfinder Pty Ltd.

When a charter is cancelled by Fishfinder Pty Ltd, you will be

  1. Informed via text or email about the cancellation of the charter. We will only email or text the patrons whose numbers and emails we have. Any exclusive or small group bookings, it is responsibility of the organiser to inform of the cancellation, to their respective participants. All participants are responsible for checking their phone or email before the intended time of the departure to keep up with any cancellation or alterations to their bookings.
  2. given you the option to rebook another suitable date
  3. Provided with a credit note or gift voucher, of the paid value.
  4. If NO suitable date can be arranged, a 100% refund is provided.
  5. For refunds we can only return funds via Bank transfer, therefore we require your bank account & BSB number in for the money to be transferred in your account.

What Personal Information do we collect and why do we need it?

To provide you with our Services, we need to collect Personal Information.  If we do not collect the Personal Information or if any of the Personal Information you provide is incomplete or inaccurate, we may not be able to provide the Services or those Services may be compromised.

Privacy & Personal information WE collect

The personal information we collect may include:

Your name/ or group individual names, email address, telephone numbers

Sensitive Information, for example, if you advise us of any health conditions, disability, or learning or behavioural conditions

Credit card details and expiry dates and security code

Bank Transfer Details

Your personal details given with your consent are secure with us and

Only for the use of Fishfinder Pty Ltd services.

General Conduct & Safety

You must always listen and abide by skippers instructions.You /parent or guardian for under 18 / are responsible to inform the staff of Fishfinder Pty Ltd for of any food allergies/ intolerances or health conditions which may affect your safety on board and in the water. This must be notified prior to booking and on the Day.

  • You only board and disembark the boat once the skipper has advised it is save to do so
  • You should wear weather appropriate clothing and footwear, apply sunscreen and keep hydrated. Hat, Sunglasses weather proof Jacket.
  • You must not be intoxicated or cause or partake in disruptive behaviour.

Minimum Numbers / Passengers policy are Essential.

Minimum numbers are required for a charter to go ahead.

For our business to run we need to cover basic cost inclusive but not limited to skippers wages, fuel, running of the boat, bait and fishing equipment.

For these to be met, we need minimum amount of money to cover those costs, hence minimum amount of people is essential for a charter to proceed.

This does not apply for exclusive bookings, as the entire cost of the boat is paid for.


Fishfinder Fishing Charters strives to take you out on a great fishing day but if the weather is not suitable, we advise our clients to avoid pitchy seas and high winds, by rescheduling. The following procedures will occur in the case of unsuitable weather:

Your nominee will then be responsible for contacting the other members of your charter group, to alert them to the change in plans.

If your charter is cancelled due to weather, you can leave the deposit with Fishfinder and reschedule for another day, or change your trip for example; Harbour Fishing.

If you are unable to re-book your charter due to bad weather cancellation.

Fishfinder constantly checks all meteorological sources to find the latest predictions.

Gift Vouchers / Coupons

Fishfinder Pty Ltd. Gift Vouchers are NON-REFUNDABLE and must be used before expiry date.

Payment Options

Cash Payment on the day (with credit card details for pre authorization only.)

2) Bank Transfer,

Bank Details below

BSB: 112-879

Acct: 109067495

Name: Fishfinder PL

Bank: St George Bank

**Photo or email copy of receipt essential for confirmation, and please put your name in the transaction.

3) Credit Card Payment incurs a (3% surcharge) via phone or PayPal.

General Conduct & Safety

Our Skippers are trained and certified operators and our safety and first aid manager’s.

For Safety of all passengers and staff of Fishfinder Pty Ltd., Skippers instructions and advice are to be followed at all times. This includes boarding and disembarking the vessel and duration of the charter.

This includes and by no means limited to

– Safety briefing, regarding your deep Sea fishing or harbour cruise experience

– Handling and usage of Fishing Equipment including all rods, reels, bait and tackle provided by Fishfinder Pty Ltd. – C/-Shimano Fish Australia

-instructions, In case of injury, medical situations, or emergency situations due to unpredicted weather change and/or vessel malfunction.

-Non adherence to skipper’s instructions, may result in removal of the non-compliant patron/ group and termination of charter, with no refund.

GENERAL PASSENGER INFORMATION we recommend comfortable, light weight, water /wind resistant clothing suitable for most weather conditions. The weather offshore is always cooler and windier compared to inside the harbour. Comfortable covered shoes, (no high heels & thongs) to be worn at all times during the charter.

Other items we suggest you bring include

Slip slop slap = Hat and Sunscreen, Sunglasses, BYO food & Drinks, Esky with Ice.

Alcohol Policy

BYO alcohol is permitted on board (cans only) for safety of all patrons and Fishfinder Pty Ltd & Staff.

BYO xtra Ice for fishing trips unless requested, Harbour Cruises Ice is provided.

We reserve the right to refuse alcohol to any passenger at any time during the charter according to RSA Guidelines.

2/Intoxication or disruptive behaviour NOT permited

In the interest of your safety and other patrons, Fishfinder Pty Ltd. Reserves the right to deny boarding of the vessel if you are deemed intoxicated under the influence of alcohol other substances, or disruptive Behaviour. No refund will be provided.

Any inappropriate behaviour on board, with or without under the influence of alcohol is deemed as a compromise of safety of other passengers and automatically gives Fishfinder Pty Ltd and its entity , the right to organize the removal from charter of such a passenger and or/ abort the charter completely. Refunds are not permitted in this instance.

Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding anything else expressed or implied in these terms and except where a statute requires otherwise, Fishfinder Pty Ltd and its entity shall not be liable, whether in contract, tort or otherwise for:

(a) Any injury to persons or damage to property; or

(b) Any direct, indirect, consequential, financial or economic loss or damage to property arising out of any act or omission of Fishfinder Pty Ltd.