Recently my client requested that I “re build” his Calstar 7455XXH 37kg Stroker and convert the Hyperlon fore grip to leather! Big Job though so worth it as this weapon has proven its worth over and over hauling huge Sharks to 800 lb.

So the project began stripping down the guides and fore grip and prepping the blank for its face lift. After turning down the cork arber and prepping it for the leather strap I selected the cork was glued into place and the leather wrapped on to the cork. Re producing the Tiger wrap pattern was a challenge mainly try to re-create that phsyco looking ocean whirlpooling wave effect, eventually it turned out quite nicely.

Then a full underbind is carefully laid on to the blank to prepare a bed for the guide rollers to be bound in place. Finally the guides go on and it’s multiple binds and coats and voila! Now it’s new gimbal time and final mirror coat and its done ready for more tournament fishing.

So whether it’s a full reno or a brand new weapon for your collection of rods just drop us a line and we will see what we can create for you.

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