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Fishfinder hand-made custom rods, are created to optimize the art of fishing in streams and lakes, bays and estuaries, off the rocks, on beaches or in the ocean. The range caters for all species and includes the ultra-light, finesse spin series, right through to heavy tackle and blue water rods.

Only the finest quality blanks and components are selected, to create perfectly balanced, fine-tuned, fishing rods that are comfortable in the hand when casting and fighting fish. Each rod is built on the backbone or spine, to eliminate twist when loaded during fights and the careful selection and placement of the guides, make for exceptionally smooth casting and top fish-fighting performance.

Each rod is hand-built to the highest standards with custom labels and thread art also available for specific applications. 


If fishing is an art, then a FishFinder rod, is the artist’s best friend!  ~ Happy Client!



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